The Plumtrees School was built in 1867 as a one room school house for the Plumtrees District of Bethel. The school served the community from 1867 through 1970. At its closing it was the last operating one room school house in America. The Plumtrees School now serves the community as an educational museum.
•1866: Land was donated by Eliza Benedict for the School
•1867: Plumtrees School was built
At this time Bethel had five school.districts
Grades one through eight were taught in the same room
The teacher had to arrive very early in the morning and warm up the building by starting a fire in a wood-burning stove
Quite often the children helped gather sticks for the fire
•1881: Cupola and Bell were added
The school became over crowded, so the decision was made to increase the
building size
•1939: Plumtrees School Association was formed
The Association-formed by parents-assisted in providing school materials and maintenance
The Association hosted the Plumtrees Lawn Party as a social event
•1957: School was closed for renovations
For ninety years students used the outhouse and hand water pump, but now electricity and indoor plumbing were added
A new entrance facing Taylor Road w,as also added at this
•1962: School reopened as a kindergarten
A new school in the Educational Park was named after Anne H. Rockwell, who taught at the Plumtrees school for 43 years
The building was used by the Visiting Nurse Association as a children's health care clinic after it .
•1970 School closed
•2006: Plumtrees School House and Landmark
  Preservation Committee was formed
•2007: Plumtrees School was placed on the State of Connecticut Registry of Historic Places
•2008: Renovations to restore the school to its original condition began
New wood shingle roof
The original bell wa,s lost and replaced with an 1896 bell that the Plumtrees Preservation Committee purchased. The bell is 20 inches, in diameter, weighs about 80 to 100 pounds, 'and can be heard for miles when rung.
•2009: Plumtrees School is rededicated as an Educational Museum